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The 501c Professional Mentoring Network

As of July 1, 2019 the Mentoring Network will become a Member Benefit of The 501c League (which means membership is required). 

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If you signed up for the Mentoring Network *prior to July 1, 2019* you will not be required to join until you have been paired for 12 months. 

For more information on this change, we encourage you to watch this video: Changes Affecting the 501c/Association Mentoring Network.

The 501c Professional Mentoring Network is a member benefit of The 501c League. It is a network of professionals working in and serving the 501c community. The Mentoring Network provides connections for those seeking to mentor or be mentored.

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Our Mission
The mission of the Mentoring Network is to connect 501c professionals across the spectrum of experience to share experience, knowledge, and wisdom in support of those dedicating their careers to the service of 501c organizations.

Our Values
The League believes that the sharing of knowledge and experience creates a better, more promising future for the profession of 501c management. Mentoring is a noble endeavor that benefits both the mentor and the mentee in a process of shared learning and professional growth.

By working across generations, we believe that society will benefit through improved association performance because of the dovetailing of experience with new ideas that creates well-rounded 501c Management Professionals in the future.

We believe in “paying it forward.” We encourage those who have been mentored to become a mentor.

We believe in Micro-Mentoring. Everyone can mentor whether it is a five minutes conversation, or it is a five years process. Success is found in the sharing of knowledge with those who seek it.

What We Do
The League uses the Mentoring Program to create a network of 501c professionals, gathers information about how they want to participate, and then supports the creation of mentor/mentee relationships. These relationships can last a short time or become a relationship that lasts a lifetime.

Mentors and Mentees create their own relationship and process after deciding they are a match. There is no contract or other legal obligation; we ask Mentors and Mentees to develop an action plan together that outlines how often they will meet, how they will meet (virtually or in person), and what their goals are for the process.

As of July 1, 2019, membership in The 501c League will be required to participate in the mentoring program. 

For more information or to express interest in participating, please contact Cecilia Sepp.  
E: [email protected] or dial 301-346-9656 for voice or text.

“Touch the Future – Be a Mentor.”


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