A Word for Our Sponsors

Here at the League we realize that reaching people in the 501c community is crucial to promote and grow your business. We also realize that if you are a solo consultant/freelancer, small business, or even a mid-size business that fees can be really high and keep you from the opportunity to have a broader reach. 

That's where we say - bunk! 

Fees shouldn't keep you from promoting your business. Opportunities for reaching your markets should not be inaccessible because the fees are geared toward the BIG companies with big marketing budgets. 

As a brand new organization, we are addressing the need for affordable outreach for the small to mid-size company. 

We are happy to negotiate with you based on your budget. For example: if you say, "Hey, I have $500 - what can I get for that?" we would reply 2 months of your logo on the website plus a paragraph about your company and a link to your site. 

Yep. It's that easy. 

We are new and we don't have a "we've always done it that way" attitude because, well, we haven't really done anything yet. But we are rearing to go! Have an idea for outreach? Let's talk. Contact Cecilia Sepp via email: [email protected] to set up a call. 

Website outreach is $250 per month (or $62.50 per week). Sign up for 3 months and pay only $675.00! We love thanking people for taking a chance on us. 

Want to sponsor a webinar? We negotiate these based on the concept and design (e.g., do you want to charge people for this or just get your name out?) 

We plan to launch a newsletter in first quarter 2019 so watch for information on opportunities to support the news. Watch for information on that as it becomes available. 
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