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If you would like to join a CAE Study Group, please use this form link: 
CAE Exam Study Group Sign Up December 2020

There is no fee for this service. You can join a study group at any time prior to November 30. Some groups have started meeting but we add CAE candidates as needed. It's never too late to join a group!

We work to keep the groups to 15 participants maximum. 

The 501c League partners with our sponsor, Rogue Tulips LLC, in supporting the organization of study groups for the CAE exam.

This is part of our ongoing commitment to support the profession of 501c organization management now and in the future. 

If you review our open groups and can't find one that fits your schedule, please send an email to [email protected] suggesting a day/time so we can continue to organize groups as needed. 

CAE Additional Support for Individuals

Are you looking for personalized, unique coaching for your CAE Journey? 

Cecilia Sepp, CAE, a leader in nonprofit management and CAE development is offering coaching services to individuals who want to up their studies. She is a well-known CAE study group mentor and coach who brings all her experience as an association executive to assist CAE candidates with exam preparation. 

While Cecilia cannot guarantee an outcome of any kind, she will support you in your CAE Exam Preparation. 

Personalized coaching for individuals is offered at an hourly rate: 

Individual: $75.00 per hour; fees for 2 hours or more are discounted | see our form!

Personalized coaching is scheduled based on negotiated times between Coach and Candidate(s). 

All individuals who participate in coaching will receive an additional reading/resource list developed by Cheryl Ronk, CAE, CMP and Cecilia Sepp, CAE. 

Want the Reading/Resource list but not the coaching? Purchase here for just $20! 

Use this form to register for personalized coaching: CAE Coaching