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You Need to Keep Your Membership Team!

It's an audio blog! You need to keep your membership team!

Question the Current Conference Model

It's an audio blog! It's time to question the current nonprofit organization conference model.

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Susan Robertson Named ASAE President & CEO -- BUT . . .

Radio Free 501c breaks its silence over some breaking news at ASAE. And someone needs to say this so it might as well be me, Cecilia Sepp, CEO & Founder here at The 501c League. 

Like many of us here at The League, I'm also a member of ASAE. Having been a member for several decades, I've seen a lot happen over the years. 

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Stop Sticking It to Consultants & Industry Partners

Many 501c organizations -- and this relates to professional societies and trade associations -- follow a very similar membership model. The organization establishes different member types, sometimes related to career arc and sometimes related to revenue. What differs is the amount of dues that are paid. 

The amount of dues (which are really participation fees) varies based on what tier you fit into, and these tiers are defined by the group you want to join. Now, one would think that the more dues one pays, the more one gets. We all know that this is not necessarily the case. (See this opinion piece for more on this topic:

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The Fear Factor

I sometimes forget that everyone is not like me. Yes, it's easy to do because when you are with yourself all the time you take your attitude and way of doing things for granted. 

Doing new and sometimes risky things doesn't bother me so when I see someone else do something new/risky/different I think, "wow. Look at that!" I like to see what others try and if it works and I do my best to support them. But not everyone has that attitude. 

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