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Question the Current Conference Model

It's an audio blog! It's time to question the current nonprofit organization conference model.

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The League is now a CAE Approved Provider!

The 501c League is proud to announce its new status as a CAE Approved Provider through ASAE!

Our first course is “The Ethical Nonprofit” and fulfills the new one (1) hour ethics requirement for CAEs renewing in 2020. Sign up for our course now! Use this link:

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Are We Taking on ASAE? Uhh ... could be.

The 501c League is the culmination of years of conversations with my colleagues coupled with years of observation. There's been lots of discussion about what people like and don't like about belonging to a professional organization. So I started collecting all this, solidifying ideas, and making a plan. 

As a 501c professional, I started asking myself: what are you going to do to address the exclusionary tactics, the high fees for access -- that lead to MORE fees -- and prevent some people from being able to get involved, and the general frustration of my colleagues who are consultants or small to mid-size businesses that can't afford crazy high prices to reach their markets. 

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The Fear Factor

I sometimes forget that everyone is not like me. Yes, it's easy to do because when you are with yourself all the time you take your attitude and way of doing things for granted. 

Doing new and sometimes risky things doesn't bother me so when I see someone else do something new/risky/different I think, "wow. Look at that!" I like to see what others try and if it works and I do my best to support them. But not everyone has that attitude. 

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