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You Need to Keep Your Membership Team!

It's an audio blog! You need to keep your membership team!

The Monopoly Game

It's an audio blog! What impact could consolidation of services and products have on choice for nonprofit organizations? 

The Monopoly Game

Leading Your Association Through Crisis

Guest Blogger: Amy Thomasson

One definition of the word crisis calls it “a time when a difficult or important decision must be made.” By its very definition, crisis necessitates action—but how do we ensure that our organizations, our teams, and ourselves as individuals take the appropriate actions in the midst of ever-evolving and ever-uncertain times? How do we lead rather than simply react? For answers, I reached out to Jacki Davidoff, Principal and Senior Consultant at Davidoff Strategy, an organization that provides consulting, training, and coaching services to enable non-profits, associations, foundations and corporations to implement highly effective strategy and high-performing cultures.

What is the difference between leading through crisis and crisis management, and how can association executives ensure that they are executing in both of these areas?

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