The Fear Factor

I sometimes forget that everyone is not like me. Yes, it's easy to do because when you are with yourself all the time you take your attitude and way of doing things for granted. 

Doing new and sometimes risky things doesn't bother me so when I see someone else do something new/risky/different I think, "wow. Look at that!" I like to see what others try and if it works and I do my best to support them. But not everyone has that attitude. 

Peer pressure, group expectations (or perceived expectations), get in the way of doing what everyone says they want to do. Supposedly we are all innovating, being "authentic," striving to be our "best selves," and whatever tomfoolery phrase of the week is popular. Until someone actually tries to do it. That's when the discomfort kicks in. 

And when that happens, people push back and their fear of things changing and actually being different kicks in. They want to stop the new and the risky and they will do it by complaining about "too many promotional posts," being uncomfortable/offended, or any other emotional obstacle that they can think of to stop it. 

Why? Because if things change people think they might lose something. But here's the question that really needs to be asked: if things change, what will you gain? What will you have more of? How much will you grow? How far could you soar? 

The unknown is not as scary as you might think. As Frank Burns said on the television series "MASH": "There's nothing there in the dark that isn't there in the light." 

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